Wolfing Pose

Hello. Im GalaxyCandle, I Am Often Looking for poses. So Here you have poses for wolfing.

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How to Apply [+ how to lengthen your chances of being accepted]

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For those that need a clarification on how to apply
and how to lengthen your chances of being accepted

To apply, you must go to the application topic and copy + paste the application questions.
Either send a private message to forum owner/creator GalaxyCandle
or send the application to her via Wolfing PMs.

How to lengthen your chances of being accepted

- Try to act sophisticated while not making it too obvious. You want to sound professional.

- Answer all questions honestly and politely

- Do not complain if you aren't accepted. By not complaining, you are showing that you can learn from your mistakes

- You must be active.

- Don't bug for your application to be looked at.


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Also please note that also being rude to people on Wolfing will not lengthen your chances on being accepted.
The more polite, the better.

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